Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thanks to Thomas C. Waters

Thomas C. Waters, a fellow blogger and activist over at, ran a series of posts including an interview with me and a letter he asked me to write to his readers. Thank you, Thomas, for your encouragement and for introducing me to your readers. Keep up the good fight. Here's looking forward toward the day when all American marriages are truly equal.

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Thomas said...

This thank you was a wonderful gift to find this morning! Thank YOU!

Marriage Equality Fairness and protection from discrimination and full protections under the law are issues that we must all be demanding. Since the earliest documents detailing the vision of our country, as a people we have sought to align ourselves with these principles of equality and freedom. Historically, areas where at one time we were less-than-equal have been challenged and the spirit of our founding fathers has prevailed. Slavery, women's suffrage, voting rights, inter-racial marriage are all battles where we have seen truth and equality win.
This is an important and exciting time when many people everywhere are rising up for equality for GLBTQ people. But it will take all of us working together for this to come about.