Monday, May 25, 2009

Florida (XVI) Congressman Connie Mack

Today I continue with Congressman Connie Mack, Republican, representative of Florida's 14th Congressional District:

Dear Congressman Mack,

I write in protest of your opposition to marriage equality. In contrast to your wife, Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack, you have have embraced an extreme right-wing stance on this issue. Though your wife has crossed party lines to vote against the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment," you voted for it. Moreover, where she has pursued a moderate voting record, you have consistently earned 0% ratings from the Human Rights Campaign for your record on issues of concern to LGBT citizens.

All of this is quite ironic, as your marriage is one of the great Capitol Hill romances and an illustration of the continued importance of marriage in our society. One can only wish that your wife's more progressive views had made an impact on you, opening you to recognition of the rights that you as a couple have enjoyed for the millions of Americans to whom it remains denied. Thousands of couples are arbitrarily excluded from the marital bond for no other reason but that they are of the same gender. Would you insist that your love for your wife is more genuine? So much more so that you may enjoy 1,138 benefits and protections under federal law while same-sex couples may enjoy none?

The blatant unfairness of this situation has moved I and others to propose that the U.S. constitution be amended to read: "The right to marry shall not be abridged or denied by the United States or any state on account of sex or sexual orientation." Such a reform is the surest and most durable way to bring our laws into alignment with the basic rights of our citizens. On this Memorial Day when we honor those who have sacrificed their lives to defend our rights, no tribute would be more fitting than to speak out in support of those whose natural rights remain unrecognized.

I have set out to write every member of Congress seeking support for a Marriage Equality Amendment. On reflection and after consulatation with your spouse, perhaps you will see the error of your current stance and join in this latest phase of the ongoing struggle for civil rights. In any case I thank you for your attention on this issue and hope this message finds you well.


Andrew Meyer

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