Sunday, June 7, 2009

Florida (XXVI) Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas

Today I continue with Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas, Democrat, representative of Florida's 24th Congressional District:

Dear Congresswoman Kosmas,

I write seeking your support for a Marriage Equality Amendment that would recognize the right of same-sex couples to marry throughout the United States. Your defeat of Congressman Tom Feeney last fall was a clear step forward for the cause of civil rights in Congress. Though this is your first term in national office, as a state legislator you were outspoken in defense of a woman's right to choose. You also voted against a ban on marriage equality for same-sex couples in 1998 when few in your own party had the courage to stand up against discrimination. These present a stark contrast with Mr. Feeney, who pledged not to let "San Francisco taxes and values infiltrate [Florida]" after the California Supreme Court overturned a ban on marriage equality last year.

Long strides in the struggle for marriage equality have obviously been made in recent years and months. Five states now recognize the rights of same-sex couples to marry, and more may follow. The forces of injustice and discrimination remain active and powerful, however. California's Proposition 8 and your own state's Hate Amendment are only two examples of the cruel tactics employed by those who would deny basic freedoms to their fellow Americans.

For this reason, I and others propose that the federal constitution be amended to read: "The right to marry shall not be abridged or denied by the United States or any state on account of sex or sexual orientation." This is the surest and most durable means to bring justice and basic fairness to our laws and our society. I have set out to write every member of Congress seeking sponsorship for this reform.

As a newly elected legislator you will no doubt be cautious in choosing those causes in which you will invest your advocacy. Perhaps the moral urgency of this struggle will motivate you to disregard the political risks and lend this fight your voice, as you have done in the past. In any case I thank you for your attention on this matter and congratulate you on your new office.


Andrew Meyer

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