Sunday, January 4, 2009

California (VIII) Congressman George Miller

Today I continue with Congressman George Miller, Democrat, representative of California's 7th Congressional District:

Dear Congressman Miller,

I write as a concerned citizen seeking your support for a Marriage Equality Amendment that would secure the right of same-sex couples to marry throughout the Union. As one of the most senior and active members of the Democratic caucus you have been an outstanding leader on many issues, including the cause of civil rights. The Human Rights Campaign consistently gives you a perfect score with regard to your actions on issues of LGBT equality, and you have taken the forefront in promoting the defense of civil rights against gender discrimination, joining your colleagues in House Joint Resolution 40 of the 107th Congress to reintroduce the Equal Rights Amendment for ratification by the states.

Given this record of service, you are surely aware that we have reached a pivotal crisis moment in the struggle for marriage equality. The passage of Proposition 8 in California, which would nullify the hard-won recognition of the rights of millions of citizens, stands as a dark passage in the history of our Republic. The status quo state of our laws and institutions already systematically discriminates against hundreds of thousands of same-sex couples and their families, and forces are mobilized to intensify and solidify the unjust and oppressive mechanisms that divide so many citizens from the simple enjoyment of their inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The rights of same-sex couples and the thousands of children in their care will never be reliably protected until the U.S. Constitution is amended to read: "The right to marry shall not be abridged or denied by the United States or any state on account of sex or sexual orientation." Would you take up the cause of this amendment in the House, Congressman? You speak with the authority won by long service and experience, and could help win back much ground lost in what is undoubtedly the civil rights struggle of this generation.

I trust you to give this matter due consideration, and to act conscientiously in any case. Thank you for your long service to our Nation and for your attention on this issue. I hope this message finds you well.


Andrew Meyer

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