Monday, February 23, 2009

California (XL) Congresswoman Linda Sanchez

Today I continue with Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, , representative of California's 39th Congressional District:

Dear Congresswoman Sanchez,

I write to solicit your support for a Marriage Equality Amendment that would recognize the right of same-sex couples to marry throughout the United States. As a co-founder of the LGBT Equality Caucus you are one of the most outspoken advocates for the rights of gay, lesbian, and transgender citizens in the Congress. On the announcement of the founding of the caucus, you signaled your support for the California Supreme Court's ruling in favor of marriage equality, declaring:

“If we truly believe in the nation’s founding documents then lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered individuals deserve equal rights. Every American knows, deep down, that to deny another citizen the rights promised by our constitution is wrong.”

Like I and millions of others you were no doubt deeply disappointed and distressed by the passage of Proposition 8 last November. That assault upon civil rights should be met with an aggressive and unequivocal response. The surest and most durable way to protect American citizens' rights from travesties like Proposition 8 would be to amend the U.S. constitution to read: "The right to marry shall not be abridged or denied by the United States or any state on account of sex or sexual orientation."

Advocacy of this reform would no doubt draw a firestorm of criticism. You, however, Congresswoman, have never been daunted by the prospects of such political heat. Would you take up the cause of this change to our basic law in the House? Someone with your acuity and energy could give this idea profound force, perhaps enough to reshape the way the country thinks and talks about the issue of marriage equality.

Please consider promoting this amendment to your colleagues in the LGBT Equality Caucus and the House more generally. In any case, I thank you for your service and your attention on this matter, and hope this message finds you well.


Andrew Meyer

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