Sunday, February 8, 2009

California (XXIX) Congressman Brad Sherman

Today I continue with Congressman Brad Sherman, Democrat, representative of California's 27th Congressional District:

Dear Congressman Sherman,

I write soliciting your support for a Marriage Equality Amendment that would recognize the right of same-sex couples to marry throughout the United States. You have long been a steady supporter of LGBT rights in the Congress, earning a positive rating of 100% from the Human Rights Campaign. Moreover, you have demonstrated your willingness to support constitutional reform in defense of civil rights, joining your colleagues in the House and Senate in an effort to re-introduce the Equal Rights Amendment for ratification in the last Congress.

Given your history, Congressman, I hope you may be persuaded that urgent action is needed on the issue of marriage equality. Though some progress has been made on the state level, California's Proposition 8 demonstrates that the forces of intolerance and discrimination are energized and well-coordinated. If an aggressive campaign is not mounted in opposition, coming years will not only see recent progress erased, but a worsening of the already intolerable state of marital apartheid that now generally prevails throughout the Union.

The best assurance of the rights of all Americans would be an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which reads: "The right to marry shall not be abridged or denied by the United States or any state on account of sex or sexual orientation." I have set out to write every member of Congress seeking support for this change to our basic law. I hope that you will lend your energy and efforts to this cause.

I appeal to your proven sense of fairness and patriotism, Congressman. In any case I thank you for your attention on this matter and hope this message finds you well.


Andrew Meyer

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